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Meet Our Team at Clarence Street Dental

We love what we do, and it shows. Most dental offices are obsessed with teeth. We love teeth too of course — we are a dental office after all. But we also understand what’s even more important than teeth: the people attached to them. The people who come to us for help.​ The people who we make smile.​ The people we work beside every day.​ These are the things that really matter.​

At Clarence Street Dental, our dedication to dental care is evident in our everyday work. While many dental offices focus on teeth, and rightfully so, Clarence Street Dental takes a broader approach. Yes, as a dental office, our primary concern is dental health. However, we believe there’s something even more vital than the teeth we care for.

The Heart of Clarence Street Dental: Our Patients

What truly distinguishes Clarence Street Dental is our focus on the individuals behind the smiles. The people who seek our help, whose smiles we brighten, and the team we collaborate with are central to our mission. These personal connections and the positive impacts we make are the core of Clarence Street Dental reviews, highlighting our commitment to more than just dental services.

A United Dental Team

Our team at Clarence Street Dental encompasses a variety of departments and specialty services, yet we unite with a common goal: to make a meaningful difference for our patients and each other. Our collective dedication to dental care and patient care sets us apart in the Brantford dental community.

Meet Our Team at Clarence Street Dental

We relish the opportunity to welcome new faces to our dental family. That’s why we invite you to meet the members of our team and see the faces that have earned Clarence Street Dental outstanding reviews. Join us at Clarence Street Dental, where we prioritize patient care and community involvement.

Our team might be made up of many different departments, but we are one united team that works together to make a difference for our patients and for each other. We love meeting new patients. Click on the photos below to learn about the members of our team and get to know the faces of Clarence Street Dental!