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We Are Currently Accepting New Patients

Hello! Have we met? Maybe you’ve driven by our office while running errands around town or one of our billboards caught your eye on your way home from work. Maybe one of our social media videos popped up on your phone, and you had a good laugh at it. If you’re being introduced to us for the first time right now, hello and welcome to Clarence Street Dental!

Welcome to Clarence Street Dental Group

Why Choose Clarence Street Dental?

It’s no secret – our office is pretty big! But that’s not something we consider a negative thing. Being a larger office allows for so many positive things to exist. We’re able to see and treat patients of all ages, offering them a full range of services to suit their dental needs. Our amazing team is made of unique individuals who all work together toward a shared purpose. And we’re able to connect with our Brantford community in more ways than one.

Dental Appointments with Ease

We’re currently accepting new patients. Why not take a few moments to explore our website and discover Clarence Street Dental? You can take a virtual tour of our office or visit us for a personal tour and experience our welcoming atmosphere firsthand. While you’re there you can grab a bag of our famous popcorn!

General Dentistry

Your First Visit to Clarence Street Dental

Your Comprehensive New Patient Exam

Visiting a new dental office for the first time can be intimidating, but we make it a comforting experience. When you book your initial appointment, expect to spend quality time with a patient coordinator and your new dentist. This initial visit includes a comprehensive oral exam, x-rays, and a discussion about any dental concerns you might have. You’ll also be screened for oral cancer and gum disease, and have your teeth, tongue, gums, and lips assessed.

The Importance of a New Patient Exam

When you’re looking for a new dental office, consider the benefits of a detailed first visit. Although some new patients prefer to schedule a cleaning, we recommend starting with a new patient exam. This approach allows us to understand your oral health goals, assess your needs, and formulate a treatment plan that ensures long-term dental health.

This is also when your dentist will discuss the ideal cleaning for you based on your individual needs, as there are a few different types of cleanings. You might even discover that you have higher priority concerns over cleaning and want to start with restorative treatment before any preventative care. Booking yourself a new patient exam as your first visit allows your dentist to ensure you’re on the right path to long-term success for a healthy mouth.

Dental Hygiene

Going Beyond Dental Care

Building Relationships with Our Patients

At Clarence Street Dental, our philosophy extends beyond mere dental procedures and we strive to create an environment where each patient feels part of our family. Our #1 priority is servicing our patients and delivering exceptional experiences.

Brantford Dentist Near Me

Convenient Dental Appointments in Brantford

If you’re in Brantford and searching for a dentist accepting new patients, look no further. We invite you to explore our website, familiarize yourself with our office policies, fill out your new patient registration forms, and meet our amazing team. Ready to schedule your dental exam or have questions? Contact our team of business assistants at 519-756-8080 or