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Dental Technology

Embracing the Future with Dental Technology

Dental technology is constantly evolving and innovating. Our modern facility is fully equipped with the latest dental tools, ensuring that every patient receives a high standard of dental care.

3D Printer

Among the technologies at our dental office is our 3D printer. This cutting-edge equipment is integral in printing dental materials, such as orthodontic aligners, night guards, and surgical splints. These tools are used to locate optimal implant sites, showcasing the versatility and precision of our dental 3D printer.


Our office is equipped with CBCT scan dental technology. A CBCT scan, or cone beam computed tomography, is a sophisticated type of 3D x-ray. Unlike regular 2D x-rays, a CBCT scan provides comprehensive images of teeth, tissues, nerves, and bone. This helps us to determine the accurate placement of implants, and to locate the nerves for root canal treatment.

Cerec Machine

Cerec technology is a cornerstone of our dental services. This innovative system stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Our office utilizes the Cerec method to offer same-day crowns. The process involves scanning your teeth to create a digital model, which is then crafted by the Cerec machine into a perfectly fitting crown. All this is done in the same appointment, so you don’t have to come back to have it completed.

Dental Microscope

Utilization of a dental microscope allows endodontists to see the tiniest details of a tooth. By using the dental microscope, our specialists navigate tooth canals effectively, focusing on preserving as much of the tooth structure as possible, a key aspect of dental care.

GA Machine

For surgical procedures, our office employs a general anesthetic machine. Operated by experienced anesthesiologists, this machine mixes medical gasses to induce and maintain anesthesia safely and effectively, ensuring patient comfort during procedures. The machine comprises a ventilator, breathing system, suction equipment, and patient monitoring devices.

Platelet Rich Fibrin

Lastly, our office uses the PRF dental method, or Platelet Rich Fibrin technique, to promote healing after complex dental surgeries. This natural process involves centrifuging a patient’s blood to separate it into components, with the PRF applied to surgical sites to speed up recovery. The benefit of using the PRF is that it is 100% from your body and therefore increases healing time. The use of PRF in our office highlights our commitment to innovative, patient-centered care.