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Endodontics in Brantford

If you’re looking for endodontics in Brantford, look no further! When it comes to complex root canal treatments, Dr. Ryan Margel is your go-to specialist. Here at Clarence Street Dental, we’re proud to offer our very own in-house endodontist, ensuring you receive dental care right here in Brantford.

Meet Your Endodontic Team

Brantford Endodontist Near Me

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure designed to repair and preserve your tooth by removing the nerve. It becomes necessary when a deep cavity affects the pulp or due to trauma that has damaged the tooth’s nerve. Your symptoms can range from sensitivity to hot or cold, sweet foods, or pressure. You may also experience swelling and pain that can be caused by an infection. During the procedure, the nerve is removed while keeping the tooth’s roots intact, eliminating the source of pain and infection.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

The good news is that most patients don’t feel any pain or discomfort during root canal treatment. It’s quite similar to getting a filling done. Discomfort may arise only if there is an infection present, which can decrease the effectiveness of local anesthesia. In such cases, antibiotics may be prescribed before proceeding with the treatment.

Can a Root Canal Prolong the Lifespan of My Tooth?

After a successful root canal, the tooth is no longer vital and will be at a higher risk of fracturing and breaking. To safeguard your tooth’s longevity, the dentist will likely recommend a crown once the root canal is completed and the infection is fully cleared.

Should I Just Pull My Tooth Instead?

While tooth extraction might seem like a quicker and cheaper option, many regret choosing this path. Missing a tooth can impact chewing, aesthetics, and even cause neighbouring teeth to shift. Eventually, people end up exploring replacement options, which are considerably more expensive than opting for a root canal.

Endodontic Services


When a standard root canal isn’t possible, an apicoectomy is performed. It entails removing and sealing the very bottom tip of the tooth’s root.


In cases of severe pain, a pulpectomy may be performed as an emergency procedure. It involves removing the pulp chamber from the upper part of the tooth.

Root Amputation

This procedure aims to preserve the healthy portion of the roots by only removing the damaged roots.

Root Canal Treatment

This procedure is essential to save an infected tooth. It involves removing the tooth’s nerve, cleansing the area, and sealing it.

Root Canal Retreatment

Sometimes, a repeat root canal is necessary if the initial treatment fails. This can occur due to various factors, such as unsuccessful healing, complicated root anatomy, or a delayed procedure for the permanent replacement.

At Clarence Street Dental, Dr. Margel has access to advanced technology, ensuring high-quality dental care for our patients. 


We employ CBCT scans (cone beam computed tomography) to obtain comprehensive 3D images, aiding in surgical planning and accurate implant placement, and guiding root canal treatments.

Dental Microscope

Our use of a microscope allows us to navigate tooth canals with precision, preserving as much tooth structure as possible.

Your Journey to Endodontic Care

Ready to take the next step? A consultation with our endodontic team is your first step towards high-quality, personalized care.

During this appointment, we will:
– Review your medical history and medications
– Examine your x-rays or take new ones if necessary
– Perform an oral exam to determine the appropriate treatment
– Discuss anesthesia options
– Provide treatment estimates
– Address any questions or concerns you may have

Ready to get started? Contact our endodontic team today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier smile!