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What to Expect at Your Orthodontic Consultation

Have you ever wondered what happens during a complimentary orthodontic consultation at Clarence Street Dental? Upon entry, you will be greeted with a space that is warm and welcoming. You will find a smiling face at our check-in station and be offered a refreshment while you wait a few short minutes in our patient lounge. Cozy up by the fireplace and catch a break while Netflix or Disney+ streams on our flatscreen TV. You won’t be waiting here long as another smiling face will soon greet you to begin your braces or Invisalign consultation.

The first step is to have a panoramic x-ray taken. This will show us a picture of your upper and lower jaws, the roots of your teeth, including any that are impacted (stuck under your gums), erupting (growing in) adult teeth, and any remaining baby teeth. It is an important step in formulating a treatment plan for you. You will then find yourself in a modern and spacious treatment room where you will participate in a photo shoot! Say cheese! The camera is sure to make you feel like the movie star you are. These photos are used to show you what we see, and to help you understand the treatment that our orthodontist is recommending for you.

Brantford Orthodontist

Once we have taken the x-ray and photographs, you are ready to meet our very own in-house certified orthodontist, Dr. Melissa Sander, who will complete a comprehensive exam and explain your custom treatment options. She may suggest traditional silver braces to correct your smile, or you may be a candidate for our clear aligner therapy program, more commonly known as Invisalign. Once the assessment is complete and Dr. Sander has answered your questions and concerns, you will meet with our patient coordinator. She will be sure to review the recommended treatment options with you and explain how to move forward. You will also be sent home with a treatment plan portfolio so you can review all your treatment options from the comfort of you own home. Once your consultation has concluded, be sure to grab a bag of freshly popped-in-house popcorn to enjoy on your way home!

Interested in visiting our office for a complimentary orthodontic consultation? Take a virtual tour of what you’ll experience during your appointment before you come in. Ready to schedule your braces or Invisalign consultation? We can’t wait to welcome you!