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The Connection Between Good Oral Health and Straight Teeth

Do you find yourself hiding your smile or holding back when you laugh because of crooked teeth? Is health important to you? Sure, straight teeth are aesthetically pleasing, however they give us so much more than confidence. Let’s explore the connection between good oral health and straight teeth.

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Good Oral Health – Why Does It Matter?

Good oral health is important to prevent dental and oral diseases, such as gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, and halitosis (bad breath). It is also linked to the health of your entire body. High bacteria levels in the mouth have been found in the bloodstream which can affect other organs in the body. If we maintain good oral hygiene, by doing our part at home and visiting the dentist for check-ups and cleanings, we are working at preventing these diseases in the entire body. If your mouth is healthy, you are healthy!

How Straight Teeth Make Good Oral Health Easy

Plaque, bacteria, and food are less likely to gather around straight teeth. They are also more efficiently cleaned because your toothbrush and floss does not need to be modified around them to remove plaque and bacteria. Misaligned teeth require more oral hygiene aids, more time to clean, and more diligence in habits. Even when diligent, bacteria and food is often still left behind in crooked teeth. Straight teeth means easier cleaning, which means prevention of oral disease and prevention of other diseases in the body.

Other Benefits of Straight Teeth

If teeth are aligned properly, you are likely to have improved speech, chew properly, and are less likely to suffer from some breathing disorders. Crooked teeth can cause speech impediments, abnormal tooth wear due to chewing against misaligned teeth, and breathing disorders such as sleep apnea. These disorders can all affect the health of your entire body.

How to Achieve Straight Teeth

Orthodontic treatment, such as braces or Invisalign, is how good alignment, or straight teeth can be achieved. Both methods use gentle force to slowly push or pull teeth into an ideal position over time. In some cases, surgery might be required. The most common timeline to achieve a straight smile is usually 12-24 months.

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Having straight teeth is important for so many reasons aside from feeling confident and looking your best. Straight teeth can prevent many oral health problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, and improper function with your bite or breathing. You will achieve that beautiful, enhanced and confident smile with braces, and feel good knowing it contributes to something much bigger – good oral and overall health. Visit our office and meet with our own in-house certified orthodontist, Dr. Melissa Sander to explore your options to achieve that beautiful and healthy smile you deserve!