Meet Sandy!

If you have been a long time patient at Clarence Street Dental, then you know Sandy! Sandy is one of Clarence Street Dental’s sweetest and most caring business associates. Get to know Sandy and the rest of the team at Brantford’s Best Dental Office at your next visit!

We Love Our Community

Clarence Street Dental appreciates the support we have had from the Brantford community, and that’ why we want to give back! One day each Spring, we hold a Free Care Day, where local patients can receive one treatment for free at Brantford’s Best Dental Office!

Clarence Street Dental Patients Make a New Furry Friend

Clarence Street Dental patients get to meet our new therapy dog while in the chair. Bella loves the patients as much as they love her! Next time you are in Brantford’s Best Dental Office, you might get a visit from Bella, too!

How Well Do You Know Andrea?

Always a ray of sunshine in the office, Andrea is one of our Patient Coordinators here at Clarence Street Dental. Take a peek at our office while getting to know Andrea, as she tells you why Clarence Street Dental is Brantford’s Top Dentist!

Do You Want The Best Dental Care? Look No Further.

Are you in need of a smile makeover? Or maybe just a few fillings? Brantford’s very own, Dr. Michael Ling, is the best of the best. He will ensure you leave with a confident smile ready to take on the world! Stop by Brantford’s Top Dentist for a consult. Dr. Ling will make you feel right at home!

Are You Self-Conscious of Your Smile? Come to Brantford’s Most Popular Dentist!

Born and raised in Brantford, Dr. Michael Ling is Brantford’s Top Dentist! Show off your new pearly whites to friends and family after a visit from the Best Dentist in Town!

Dental Anxiety? Let Us Ease Your Mind.

You would be surprised how many people have dental anxiety. Our team of dental experts are all highly trained, and want to make you feel comfortable in the chair. Have an special requests? Give Brantford’s top dentist a call before your appointment and let us know! We are happy to help.