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Dental technology is constantly evolving and innovating, creating a modern environment in which dental providers can provide exceptional care. Our facility is equipped with technology that allows us to provide the highest standard of dental care to all of our patients.

Cerec stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Our cerec machine is what allows us to be able to provide same-day crowns. This method uses a computer to scan your teeth and take images that are used to create a digital model, all while you’re in the dental chair. The digital model is then sent to our cerec machine where it is milled to create a crown that perfectly fits, which once done, is cemented to your tooth. All this is done in the same appointment so you don’t have to come back to have it completed.

A 3D printer can be used in the dental world to create orthodontic aligners, night guards, and surgical splints (appliances used to locate optimal implant sites). We are lucky to have one in our office!

Using a microscope in the dental field has many benefits, including being able to see the tiniest details of a tooth. Endodontists often use microscopes during treatment to allow them to navigate the canals of the tooth, helping to maintain as much of the tooth structure as possible.

A CBCT scan (cone beam computed tomography) is a special type of 3D x-ray that is taken when more information is needed than can be obtained from a regular 2D x-ray. This scan is able to produce images of not only your teeth, but your tissues, nerves, and bone. A CBCT can be taken for surgical planning of impacted teeth, diagnosing TMJ, to determine the accurate placement of implants, and to locate the nerves for root canal treatment.

A general anaesthetic machine is operated by an anaesthesiologist to induce sleep and prevent pain during surgical procedures. The machine generates and uses a mix of medical gases to induce and maintain anaesthesia. The machine is comprised of a ventilator, breathing system, suction equipment, and patient monitoring devices.

Platelet Rich Fibrin, or PRF, is a modern advancement that is extremely beneficial in the dental world, as it is all natural and helps promote healing and recovery after complex dental surgeries. Blood is extracted from your body and placed in the centrifuge to be “spun”, which causes it to become separated into its three components. From there, the PRF component is applied to the surgical site for healing. The benefit of using the PRF is that it is 100% from your own body and therefore increases healing time.

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