Same Day Crowns

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Single Visit Crowns

Crowns, veneers, and ceramic fillings can now be completed in a single visit. We use CAD/CAM CEREC technology to design, mill, and hand-finish ceramics to create a strong, functional, and beautiful tooth.

  • No second visit, and second freezing
  • No temporary plastic crowns that can break or fall off
  • All digital scanning eliminates most goopy impression putties
  • All custom designed and made precisely for you
“Our patients love the convenience of single visit crowns. And the ceramics are so beautiful and strong they are the next best thing to natural enamel!”
Dr. Ameet Sachania
Custom fit, computer designed, same-day dental crowns, right here in Brantford!

Using CEREC technology for your dental crown means:

  • The entire treatment is performed in a single, convenient visit.
  • No need to get freezing again for your second visit.
  • No need for a temporary plastic crown that can trap food, irritate your gums and tongue, or fall off while waiting for your permanent crown.
  • Since the entire process is computer-based, there is no need for gooey molds or impressions.
  • The entire process is customized to your mouth, resulting in a dental crown that is comfortable, functional, and beautiful!