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Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

It’s never been easier to replace a single missing tooth, or many missing teeth, with dental implants. Implants are usually the strongest, most functional, and long-lasting way of replacing teeth. They look great, feel natural, and are almost like re-growing your own tooth!

  • Precise computer guided implant placement for safe, accurate, and comfortable visits
  • Single tooth, multiple teeth, and implant supported dentures
  • All custom made components, designed and fabricated with finest quality materials specifically for you
“Most of our implant patients can’t believe how easy the whole dental implant process is, and wish that they had replaced their missing tooth sooner!”
Dr. Lee Ferrao

Dental implants – the most natural looking, most comfortable, and longest lasting way of “re-growing” your natural teeth. And the whole procedure can be done right here in our Brantford dental office!

Dental implants are the most naturally looking and feeling, most comfortable, most functional, and most maintenance-free tooth replacement option available. It really is almost like re-growing your own tooth!

How Implants Work

Oftentimes, the dentist will use a CT scan which gives an extremely accurate three-dimensional view of your mouth.

The implant is planned on the computer long before we work in your mouth, taking away all the guesswork. This planning makes the procedure extremely precise, accurate, and very comfortable.

The final crown is custom made based on the size, shape, and color of the rest of your teeth, resulting in a very natural looking and feeling tooth replacement. Your friends and family will never know it’s not your very own natural tooth!

Still confused about dental implants and the best way to replace your own missing teeth? Ask one of our dentists directly, or call us at 226.227.1524 to set up a free consultation.