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What are some favourite stories you have of your children?

When I’m not restoring the smiles of our young pediatric patients, I’m with three other very important pediatric clients- my children. 90% of my time and energy outside the office goes into my children. With three children and one on the way, life can sometimes be stressful and chaotic. The extremely positive side is that I’ve been blessed with these little humans who are so interesting and intriguing that they really inspire me and bring so much life to my world. I’m also happy to report that my children and their personalities create the majority of the humorous stories I share with my patients and family on a regular basis.

Being from Newfoundland, my middle child exhibits the stereotypical Newfoundland character- the charisma, the compassion and humor that only a true rock islander would appreciate. When she was little I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up- she replied “A dentist like mom”! I was so happy to hear her say it so proudly. Then she paused and said “Or a unicorn”! So we will see which career path she chooses!

My little son, my youngest, is learning that although he calls us mom and dad we have other names too. So I asked him what his dad’s name was. He said “dad”. His dad’s name is Michael. So I thought with some hints he would quickly answer with this next… So I said “No, he is called something else. What do people call him?” And he looks up at me with a priceless look and goes “Chinese?”. We nearly died of laughter.

I remember one time when my oldest was little, I went out into stormy weather with my slippers and pajamas on to put out the garbage (no coat or anything!). When I got back up to the house, I went to turn the knob and at that moment I heard a CLICK. She had locked me outside! She was giggling inside and I could hear the laughter get more faint as she ran away and back to watch Backyardigans! Thankfully I kept talking to the door and she returned, with a few popsicle bribes she unlocked the door before my slippers and I both froze to the front porch!

These are some of my favorite stories about my children. I try to share these stories as often as possible with my friends and family from out East that I never see. I also share stories with my patients as I feel it really lets them have a better look into who I am as a person and what motivates and inspires me.

Maybe one day I’ll write a book about all these stories. It certainly would be a wonderful way to remember my little creations and a special keep sake for the children.

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