Here at Clarence Street Dental, we have a fun new toy in the office. We have recently received a 3D printer! This printer isn’t just for fun though; we actually use it to help place patient implants. Here how it works: the 3D printer will create a mould of the patient’s mouth. From there, a hole will be placed in the mould to illustrate where the implant will be positioned, as this hole provides the perfect specifications for what angle the implant should be placed at when drilling into the mouth.




In the past, placing implants required some guess work, as if the implant is placed at the wrong angle it may be uncomfortable for the patient. The 3D printer really is a helpful new tool to the office, as it takes almost all the guess work out of placing implants, meaning you will without a doubt be left with a great new smile.

Want to see just how powerful the 3D printer is? Take a look at the Yoda photo below. This figurine was created in our 3D printer over the course of several days. If this Yoda figure can be created in just a few days, think how revolutionary this technology could be when applied to implants!