Here at Clarence Street Dental Group we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience and the highest level of service possible. All of us love to meet new and existing patients and enjoy catching up with our regular patients. In a dental setting this can be common, however patients never hear about our staff member’s stories.

We have created Humans of Clarence Street Dental Group to allow the public get to know the people who make up our team of professionals. Here they will share their experiences, both inside and outside the office, and what they have learned in life and the office over their time with us. Everyone has different experiences and different perspectives and we hope you enjoy ours.

Chris Enslev

Share some important lessons you’ve learned in life.

Lessons in life come at many stages.  I grew up on a farm with 4 siblings.  Life working the fields was long days.  Mom and Dad taught us all the skills that I needed to work on a vegetable farm and get the job completed. I had to sacrifice playing with my friends for taking a crop off in the hot sun. In those young years I thought I was being hard done by, but with how fast life goes, I learned quickly that those lessons my parents were teaching me along the way shaped and built my character for who I am today. Losing a set of garage keys at age seven meant scouring the area for hours to retrieve them.  Who had money to pay for a lock smith? To this day I always take care where I place my keys.