Our Humans of Clarence Street Dental participant for this week is our amazing hygienist, Stephanie!
Are there any funny stories your family tells about you that come to mind?
Embarrassingly enough, my family always has stories to tell about me when I was young and even now when I’m older. There is one that they like to tease me about. Like most kids, I had my quirks. The word ‘rabbit’ was pronounced ‘wabbit’ and ‘tooth’ was ‘toof’. I grew out of it, but they still like to giggle at the thought of a dental hygienist talking about a “toof ache”… But that’s what families are for! They make you laugh and smile and are always there to love you no matter what. Just like the family at CSDG, we can laugh with each other and share in each other’s embarrassing moments, as well as our WOW moments!