This weeks Humans of Clarence Street Dental participant is your favourite business assistant, Lynne Van Berlo!
What is your favourite memory of Clarence Street Dental?
I have had the pleasure of working with the team at CSDG for over 40 years. First, Brant Ave, West Street, and now this beautiful facility. I have so many wonderful memories and met so many great people over the years.
One of the funniest stories (and there are sooooo many) was my fourth day of work when the bank called to see if Dr. Ling had a new staff member. I very proudly said “well yes he does!” Imagine my embarrassment when they said “could you tell him that she is taking the night deposit to the wrong bank”…. Sumner still laughs and says I invented Multi Branch Banking.
It has been an honour to work here and we are blessed to have the best patients!