Our latest Humans of Clarence Street Dental participant is…

Kari Ann!

What is your favourite family holiday?

Any holiday with my family is my favourite holiday. My husband Adam and I have three children, Jake, Tyler and Sarah. We spend most of our holidays at the cottage, which is always memorable. However, if I had to choose one, I would say this time of the year is my favourite. The Christmas holiday is all about being with the ones you love. We start our celebration at the beginning of December by decorating the tree. My husband and daughter always put the angel on top of the tree together. Christmas Eve we have a family gathering and enjoy lots of food and open our new PJ’s to wear that night. Christmas Day always starts with a big breakfast that my husband prepares. We then move onto the exchange of stockings that are always full of surprises. Later in the day, we gather with more family for an amazing dinner. It is all about being together and sharing stories.

When we have our Christmas tree decorating at work, I enjoy being with my work family. As a tradition at Clarence Street Dental, we decorate the tree together, and enjoying some amazing food and laughs. There is so much I can share about this holiday, because it is not just one day or one thing that makes it special. It is my family at home and at work, my friends, and complete strangers, that make this holiday special.